Transnational Companies Must Sell Into Nest Of Cybersecurity Regs

Collage of the words "yes" and "no."

Almost all products now contain digital components, and many can connect to the internet. These products – ranging from talking dolls to medical devices, to […]

New Due Diligence Obligations for Deforestation-Risk Products

Clear-cut forest in foreground, city skyline under construction in backgrouind.

Recently passed legislation in the UK will regulate the import and use of certain so-called forest risk commodities (FRCs), or products derived from them, according […]

Regulatory Confusion; Drone Insurance Stalled

Electric wires on poles with drone hovering above them.

An uncertain regulatory framework is hindering the development of needed insurance products in a rapidly expanding drone market, according to a post from Clyde & […]

German, Israeli Police Cooperate, As Israel Becomes A Hub Of On-Line Financial Fraud

German & Israeli flags on adjoining waiting room chairs

At the behest of German authorities, Israeli police raided a call center in Petah Tikvah, Israel, and detained 15 people. Four of them were arrested […]

Ransomware Gangs Running Their Own Arbitration Forums

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After staging highly successful attacks earlier this year, first on a big meat supplier and then on software company Kaseya, ransomware gang REvil practically became […]

CNN, Spooked By Defamation Risk, Abandons Facebook In Australia

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In the wake of an Australian High Court ruling that makes a media outlet potentially liable for defamation based on third-party comments on its Facebook […]

Insurers Shunning Oil Pipelines, But The Oil Flows

In a required filing before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Canadian pipeline company Enbridge, Inc. said it’s having a hard time finding insurance for […]

Epidemic Of Scams Adds to India’s Covid Catastrophe

Even with the second wave past its peak, India is seeing well over 100,000 cases per day. Large gatherings and lenient restrictions are major factors, […]

Facebook Teams Up With Gucci In A Counterfeiting Lawsuit

Facebook and Gucci America have teamed up to sue an alleged counterfeiter who has been extraordinarily industrious. According to the complaint, Russia-based Natalia Kokhtenko has […]

Apple’s Antitrust Problems Are International

On April 30 the EU’s European Commission issued a “statement of objections,” stating that Apple is abusing its position in the music streaming app marketplace, […]