Intellectual Property

Five Tips for Deposing an Expert Witness in Patent Litigation

With preparation and planning, an effective expert deposition can turn the tide in a patent case. A prepared deposing attorney can draw out inconsistencies in […]

Trade Secrets in the “Social” World

Many companies use social media to promote their business, but in doing so they may be putting their trade secrets at risk. In the last […]

How to Confront an NPE

In the vocabulary of intellectual property practice, a non-practicing entity (NPE) is a company whose business model consists of acquiring and enforcing patents through cease […]

Copyright Issues Proliferate on the Net

As companies realize the extent of their own copyrighted works, they also find they are prolific users of the copyrighted content of others. Most articles, […]

What Not to Say to Competitors, Post-Medimmune

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in MedImmune v. Genentech, courts used a “reasonable apprehension of suit” test developed by the Federal Circuit to determine whether […]

Third Party Submissions in Pending Patents

A significant provision of the America Invents Act defines a procedure by which a third party can submit publications, as well as a description of […]

Tax-Advantaged Transfer Pricing for Intellectual Property

The IRS has 160 pages of transfer pricing regulations. They can appear intimidating, but they can also offer a powerful tool to lower the taxes […]

How to Look at Patent Case Juries

The number of words in the description section of a patent has increased exponentially over the past 20 years. Patent disputes often boil down to […]

Burgeoning Intellectual Property Theft Often an Inside Job

Figures released by the Department of Justice and various private sector institutions show an increase in computer security incidents. Many incidents are not reported, out […]

A Fast Track for Your Patent Portfolio

New programs have emerged recently that permit companies to accelerate patent prosecution worldwide. As part of the America Invents Act, Congress gave the U.S. Patent […]