Intellectual Property

Goodwill, Bad Will, and the Spirit of Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers got some bad press for tanking the global economy in 2008, but hey, that was a long time ago, and even then the […]

Credit Where Credit Is Due

In June the Federal Circuit will take up the matter of Thaler v. Vidal. Stephen Thaler created an AI which he name DABUS. He set […]

How To Respond To Whistleblower Demands
Two objects on a dark background: a football helmet and a whistle

The company receives a letter from a former employee, alleging the company has engaged in a financial fraud and demanding a seven-figure payment, or else […]

Has Amy Coney Barrett Heard About This?
hand stamps document with rejected stamp

The USPTO has refused to register Deirdre S. Glascoe’s trademark SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF GOD. Glascoe’s thwarted intention was to use SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF GOD as […]

Upstart Company In Pitched Battle With Boeing Over New “Air Taxi” Technology
Two cartoonish figures struggling over possession of an oversized representation of a chip.

Battery-powered Air Taxis, which look a bit like big drones, with propellers that enable them to take off straight up and leapfrog traffic, are expected […]

Cisco Asks High Court To Clarify Standard For Enhanced Infringement Damages.

In the case of Cisco Systems v. SRI Int’l., Cisco Systems is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court for cert, asking for guidance on whether enhanced […]

A Trade Secret Slugfest In Big Pharma
A stylized rendering of electronic circuitry with justice scales superimposed over it.

Weeks after being sued by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on multiple counts, including misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract, two former Pfizer executives have […]

Can AI Own A Copyright?
Cartoon robot juggline a device with one hand.

An attorney and chief copyright officer for a Canadian university considers a speculative question that recently surfaced for real. For now and for the foreseeable, […]

Cloud Data Is Virtually Ransomware-Proof, But Breaches Are A Problem
Cartoon "cloud" bearing down and blowing wind.

Because cloud services are so proficient at creating multiple backups, they keep data virtually immune from ransomware attack, but the threat of a breach or […]

Global Rundown Of AI Law & Regulation
Gavel with digital ones & zeros in the background.

2021 was an active year for for policy proposals and legislation related to artificial intelligence and automated technologies, says an annual review from law firm […]