Intellectual Property

Patent Case Implicates Fundamental Due Process Question

One of the first cases the Supreme Court will consider in 2022 involves one of the oldest conundrums in U.S. jurisprudence, the division between issues-of-fact […]

Funny Money Update

The Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, who claims he is the one and only “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the pseudonym of the anonymous person who launched Bitcoin, […]

To Reduce Risk, Make AI “Explainable”
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The problem for companies that employ AI, says a post from Federal News Network, is to make sure it’s implemented “in an ethical way” – […]

Moderna Loses FCPA Appeal On Its Vaccine IP

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals let stand an administrative panel’s findings that patents belonging to Arbutus are valid, thus opening the way for the […]

Suing a Foreign Patent Infringer
Suing a Foreign Patent Infringer

A foreign company sees your success in the U.S. market and copies your product, infringing your U.S. patent in the process. How do you make […]

Most Active Patent Prosecution Attorneys

The USPTO issued more than 350,000 utility patents in 2020. IP Watchdog has ranked the 10 most active patent attorneys based on the number of […]

The CA Employment Law Minefield: What’s New For ’22
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It’s not yet illegal to be an employer in California, but it’s getting there….

Is Copyright Infringement Theft?

Last year, in a case over the state of North Carolina posting a production company’s footage of an 18th century pirate ship without permission, the […]

Judge Still Trolling For Patent Cases

In the past three years Judge Alan Albright, has actively campaigned for patentees to file suit in his courtroom, and his campaign has succeeded. The […]

A Recommended Framework For IP Risk Management
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Recognizing IP risks in advance is the best way to mitigate them and avoid being blindsided, either by losing rights before they are protected or […]