Intellectual Property

Sorry Facebook, That Name Is Taken, Says PC Maker
Quill pen, book open, castle and abacus in the background.

Meta PCs, a Scottsdale AZ-based company that assembles and sells high-performance gaming computers, has been around for more than a year. Judging from its website, […]

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out

Every era gets the buzz its zeitgeist requires. Now that the signature drug of the 1960s is all but totally legal, and the path from […]

Immortal Cells Generate Potent Lawsuit
Succession of steps in cell division

“This case,” says the complaint, “is about a multibillion-dollar biotechnology corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, making a conscious choice to sell and mass produce the living […]

Federal Circuit Just Made It Much Easier To Get a Design Patent

In re Surgisil, LLP is a key federal circuit decision that makes it easier to obtain design patent protection. It narrows the scope of prior […]

America Invents, One Decade Later

On the 10 year anniversary of the America Invents Act, IP Watchdog asked some prominent players in the IP world what they thought. The AIA […]

One More Chance For the CAFC To Get It Right

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is batting zero when it comes to software copyright decisions. […]

Big Tech Losing Patent Battles Right and Left

Last week a jury decided that Apple should pay $300 million to Optis Wireless Technology in the companies’ second patent trial, and Sonos prevailed against […]

Don’t Let Big Losses By Big Tech Kill Innovation

On August 13 the ITC found that Google was infringing five Sonos patents. If upheld, the finding could make importation of key Google hardware impossible. […]

CAFC Rules Against PersonalWeb

The Court of Appeals for the Federal District has issued a precedential decision that PersonalWeb Technologies’ patent claims against Google, Facebook, EMC Corporation and VMware, […]

Should Ransomware Payments Be Banned?

Ransomware attacks have become so extensive, and so expensive, that their effects ripple through the entire economy: They have in effect become a kind of […]