Symbolic illustration: Laptop open, images of airplane, truck and boxes of stuff arrayed over the keyboard; a guy's hand is holding a mouse, with a cup of coffee nearby.

Supply Chain Diligence Issue Gets A Jolt

Calling it “an accelerating movement,” a post from law firm White & Case looks at new rules, either adopted or […]

Sketch illustration of a lecturer pointing to what looks like a white chalk rendering of a globe on a blackboard.

Time To End The Taboo On “Worst-Case” Climate Scenarios

A post in the online publication Inside Climate News suggests it’s time for scientists and others, including politicians and risk […]

Demonstrators with masks at a demonstration in support of Assange, his photo faintly visible on a sign in the background.

Lawyers, Journalists Sue CIA & Pompeo, Claim Their Phones Were Stripped

The CIA and its former director Mike Pompeo are being sued by journalists and attorneys who claim data was exfiltrated […]

Distanct view of ocean vessel with smoke rising from a fire on board.

Lithium-Ion Cargo Fire Liability May Extend Farther Than You Think

The quantity of lithium-ion batteries currently being shipped at sea is staggering. It includes the raw batteries themselves, more than […]

Night scene: demonstrating crowd in the street.

Global Insurer: Looming Civil Unrest Is Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Businesses worldwide should prepare for a rise in civil unrest, according to a post from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty […]

Collage of the words "yes" and "no."

Transnational Companies Must Sell Into Nest Of Cybersecurity Regs

Almost all products now contain digital components, and many can connect to the internet. These products – ranging from talking […]

Clear-cut forest in foreground, city skyline under construction in backgrouind.

New Due Diligence Obligations for Deforestation-Risk Products

Recently passed legislation in the UK will regulate the import and use of certain so-called forest risk commodities (FRCs), or […]

Electric wires on poles with drone hovering above them.

Regulatory Confusion; Drone Insurance Stalled

An uncertain regulatory framework is hindering the development of needed insurance products in a rapidly expanding drone market, according to […]

German & Israeli flags on adjoining waiting room chairs

German, Israeli Police Cooperate, As Israel Becomes A Hub Of On-Line Financial Fraud

At the behest of German authorities, Israeli police raided a call center in Petah Tikvah, Israel, and detained 15 people. […]

Two people at a table negotiating over money

Ransomware Gangs Running Their Own Arbitration Forums

After staging highly successful attacks earlier this year, first on a big meat supplier and then on software company Kaseya, […]

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