Securities Class Actions Hit World Wrestling

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., the wrestling empire headed by Vince McMahon, has been hit with several securities class action lawsuits. One alleges a multi-faceted “fraudulent […]

Desperate Need In Medical Supply Line Brings Big FCPA Risk

A disastrous shortage of essential equipment has sent states, the federal government, and healthcare providers and manufacturers scrambling, and many are looking abroad for sources. […]

Sued In CA, Israeli Spyware Company Claims “Derivative Sovereign Immunity”

Spyware from the Israeli company NSO Group was surreptitiously installed on the accounts of more than 1,000 WhatsApp users, according to a lawsuit filed in […]

Protecting Electronic Devices At The Border

A recent episode involving a cell phone search at the border got a lot of media attention, seen primarily through the lens of politics, but […]

Another Law Firm Sues China

A Las Vegas personal injury firm has filed a class action lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China and a number of Chinese entities, including  […]

If This Isn’t A Force Majeure, What Is It?

An advisory from Mayer Brown attorneys looks at the fate of contracts in the context of a pandemic and widespread business shutdowns, specifically the “legal […]

Med Equipment Fixers To IP: Get Out Of The Way

Hospital technicians and others in the medical field are pushing to expand “the right to repair” (something that’s been an issue in other sectors, like […]

FLA Law Firm Sues China Over Coronavirus Pandemic

A Florida law firm is mounting a class action suit against the People’s Republic of China and a number of Chinese agencies that it says […]

China Accuses U.S. Of Massive Hack

In a reversal of the usual direction of such accusations as reported in the U.S, a Chinese cybersecurity company says it has evidence that the […]

Hacked Law Firm Sued For Malpractice By Chinese Client

A Chinese businessman and political dissident who had retained a Detroit law firm to help with his asylum claim has sued the firm for malpractice. […]