ATM “Jackpot” Attacks Said To Be Worldwide

The number of incidents is down in Europe, where this type of attack seems to have originated, but is said to be up in […]

Netflix Sued By Mossack-Fonseca, The “Panama Papers” Firm

The name partners in the law firm that suffered the breach that released the Panama Papers are  suing Netflix for libel and trademark infringement, […]

Exxon’s “Biggest, Most Immediate Legal Threat,” Trial Starts This Month

A shareholder lawsuit that began with an investigation under former New York attorney General Eric Schneiderman is back in the spotlight, with a trial set to begin  in the state Supreme Court in Manhattan…

Israeli “Lost Tribes” Lawsuit Roots Go Back To A Clinton Pardon

One of the men pardoned by Bill Clinton in 2001 during his final day as president was Pincus Green, a billionaire commodities trader who […]

Sour View Of Lawyers From Multinational Corporate Group

A jaundiced take on the legal profession from its purported origin as a loose association of medieval scribes, in an age when few could […]

International Labor Standards In The Global Economy

Over a period of years trade unions have exercised pressure on multinational companies to sign international framework agreements. IFAs are negotiated between a global […]

Developments In International Employment Law

Employment law is high on the agenda of many governments worldwide. This Today’s General Counsel article looks at these developments in three international jurisdictions: […]

Supreme Court Changing Where You Can Be Sued

In three decisions over the past five years, the Supreme Court has curtailed the power of U.S. courts over out-of-state and international defendants by […]

Big Fines, Early Lessons, From The GDPR

The two biggest fines ever imposed under the General Data Protection Regulation were leveled by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office in July. Both dwarfed the €50 million ($56.3M) imposed by France against Google in January.

GDPR One Year Later

This year in May marked one year since the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. There had been a brief informal grace […]