Trump’s Hard Line Includes Business Immigration

Media attention on President Trump’s immigration policy tends to focus on illegal border crossing. But Trump also has called for a big reduction in legal […]

E-Discovery Software That Cracked The Biggest Law Firm Leak In History

It’s been three years since the Panama Papers were released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). What was a nightmare for one law […]

Will United States Border Protection Admit Your Foreign Visitor?

The chances that your visiting overseas employee will run into problems with Customs and Border protection may be as high as they’ve ever been, but […]

Not On The Hook For Notre Dame Rebuild, Says Insurance Official

It’s going to be up to “the French state and benefactors,” an official from Lloyd’s insurer Hiscox told Reuters, and the costs, just for the […]

Aldi Sues Upstart Grocery Chain Over Trade Secrets

Aldi, a rapidly growing national retail grocery chain, has filed a trade secret lawsuit against a competitor that is trying to make inroads with a […]

Climate Activists Want To Make Fossil Fuel Industry Go Naked

As part of a strategy “to keep fossil fuels in the ground,” a movement to pressure insurance companies to avoid underwriting fossil fuel projects is […]

The Tangle Of Litigation Likely To Follow Boeing Crashes

Boeing could be taking on lawsuits from multiple angles when the dust clears on the 737 Max disasters, says a Reuters article in the Chicago […]

Brexit Previews Future Risks

Economic systems worldwide are undergoing major structural changes driven by technology, trade, climate change, inequality and mounting populist challenges to the status quo. Brexit is […]

The GDPR Six Months In

The General Data Protection Regulation became enforceable on May 25, and it has rewritten the ground rules for many companies regarding how they acquire, store […]

Your Data, Run Through A Beach House In Denmark

All the data the moves between one major U.S. terminal in New Jersey and a big European node in Denmark runs through one cable that terminates (or begins, depending on your point of view) in a nondescript brick building on the beach.