Big Shift In Labor Market Predicted Under ACA

Federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act will make part-time work look better for…

One Year Delay In Mandatory ACA Requirements

The Administration announced that it will provide an additional year before the ACA mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin. Employer shared responsibility payments will […]

DOMA Decision Will Impact Employee And Immigration Benefits

The Supreme Court last month struck down a section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act that said someone could be considered a spouse for […]

Use Arbitration to Protect Non-Competes

Employers have traditionally used choice-of-law or forum-selection clauses to secure a favorable venue in which to litigate validity and scope of a non-competition provision and […]

EEOC Is Pursuing GINA Violations

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act casts a wider net than the word “genetic” might suggest…

Do Bosses Overestimate Their Support?

Those in charge tend to overestimate their ability to earn respect and lose the ability to…

The New Landscape of Harassment Claims

Within essentially the same categories of harassment, new work arrangements and technologies have radically changed the forms harassment can take. There are four risks that […]

Do Whistle Blowers From A Contract Firm Get SOX Protection?

The Supreme Court has has taken on a retaliation case that will address the question…

Some Labor Unions Are Balking At Obama Care

The effect on current plans is a major issue. The President’s claim that you can keep your current health care, made in a 2009 speech, […]

The Long Reach of the Affordable Care Act

Benefits, equal opportunity, ADA, and whistleblower/retaliation issues all could be implicated.