Apple Bars Employees From Surveying Pay Equity

According to a labor and employment lawyer with White, Hilferty & Albanese, Apple can’t bar its employees from discussing pay equity at the company, but […]

Synthetic Talk Is Cheap But It Can’t Be Free, Say Critics

The revelation that 45 seconds of what appears to be the voice of the late Anthony Bourdain in the movie Roadrunner was generated by a […]

Sacked By A Robot, Say Former Amazon Workers

Drivers in Amazon’s Flex delivery service are being monitored, graded and in some cases fired, by artificial intelligence, according to an article in Bloomberg. Algorithms […]

Things You Should Know About Background Checks

background checks

If you are a general counsel, the topic of background checks may cross your desk. This can occur when an employer contracts with a background […]

Turmoil After Law Firm Fires Alleged Trumpies

The president and a name partner at Minnesota’s “largest and nicest bankruptcy law firm” fired two employees, allegedly because he had concluded they were racist […]

The Anti-Vaxxers New York Law Firm

The anti-vaccination movement has proven to be more potent and extensive than most experts anticipated. It ranges from fantasy conspiracy mongers who claim the virus […]

The Power of a Strong GC/CHRO Relationship

The Power of a Strong GC/CHRO Relationship

As companies formed crisis response teams to address the pandemic, the general counsel and the chief human resource officer were front and center. Teleworking, and […]

The Fraught Post-Pandemic Transition For Employers

The ninth annual employer survey from labor and employment firm Littler finds that employers transitioning to a post-pandemic workplace are faced with a host of […]

Covid Is Accelerating the Gig Economy

Covid Is Accelerating the Gig Economy

Covid-19 has accelerated a transformation of the workplace that was underway long before the pandemic. The technological revolution, combined with the need to quickly adapt […]

Expect Problems When Employees Return to the Workplace

Expect Problems When Employees Return to the Workplace

According to Pew, 71 percent of American workers now work from home most of the time. As the pandemic wanes, the need for social connection […]