Gig Work Showdown Looms In ‘22

Gig driver with mask looking at her phone.

In November 2020, California’s Proposition 22 passed with 59 percent of the vote, enabling companies like Lyft, Uber and Instacart to classify their drivers […]

What Employers Need To Know About Masks

Person wearing a dust mask.

A post from law firm Littler addresses what is obviously a fluid and rapidly evolving situation, listing what’s required as well as what is […]

Unlikely Plaintiffs Challenge Bristol Myers Squibb Vaccine Policy

Gloved hands holding vaccine needles crossed.

Four plaintiffs, all highly-paid professionals, have filed a putative class action against Bristol Myers Squibb, claiming they were wrongfully denied religious exemptions to the […]

The CA Employment Law Minefield: What’s New For ’22

Three pencil erasures poised over a maze.

It’s not yet illegal to be an employer in California, but it’s getting there….

Get Back To Your Office, Morgan Stanley CLO Tells Outside Counsel

Lawyers who were forced to work from home by the pandemic have become fond of doing so, even though the legal industry was slow […]

Hundreds Of Washington State Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandate, As Anti-Vaxx Litigation Breaks Out Nationwide

What began with about 90 state troopers and dozens of public sector employees now includes an additional 600 state workers, including the state’s fire […]

Cosby Released, But Not Exonerated

Cosby Released, But Not Exonerated

The decade known as the “20-teens” will be remembered for the #MeToo Movement, which dramatically changed the way people behave at work. Awareness about […]

What Govt Contractors Need To Know About The New Vaccine Requirements

Covered employees are required to be fully vaccinated by December 8, and they include both contractors and subcontractors.. There are exceptions in cases where […]

Could the Workers’ Comp “Grand Bargain” Fall Apart?

A trial court ruling in California, taken to its logical conclusion, would mean that a person who contracts Covid from a company employee would […]

New Ransomware Ploy: Bribe An Employee

A San Francisco-based cybersecurity company says it managed to establish communication with a ransomware group that had been contacting employees of some of its […]