YouTube Is Latest “Auto-Renewal” Class Action

Cartoon woman standing in front of an open door; behind it three closed doors.

A recent case filed in federal court in Oregon is the latest in a spate of class actions alleging deceptive automatic subscription renewal practices, says […]

Insurer Must Pay $5.2M To Woman Who Caught STD In Car

Judge's gavel striking a block.

A Missouri appeals court has upheld an arbitration decision awarding a $5.2M insurance payout to a woman who said she’d contracted a sexually transmitted disease […]

Meta Is Getting Swarmed By “Addictive Algorithm” Lawsuits

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Psychologically damaging content on Meta, formerly Facebook, might be protected by Section 230 in the Communications Decency Act, but the secret sauce that spoon-feeds it […]

Meat-Substitute Companies At Each Other’s Throats

Stylized illustration of a mechanical-like cow on a painted green landscape.

Two big players in the substitute-meat industry have been going at it since 2017, when they leveled reciprocal charges of inadequate health and production standards, […]

Claims-Made Pitfall: “So Many Are Shocked To Find That Their Claim Will Be Denied And That the Denial Will Be Upheld.”

Tableau block letters: Yes and No.

Claims-made, as opposed to occurrence-based policy forms, have been around since at least 1964 and are the standard in the specialty and professional lines industry. […]

Goodwill, Bad Will, and the Spirit of Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers got some bad press for tanking the global economy in 2008, but hey, that was a long time ago, and even then the […]

Anti-Vax Crusaders Dealt Setback In Legal Battle With Elizabeth Warren

Symbolic drawing: silhouette of person's head opened with fake news symbols coming out of it, while the person is looking at a phone labeled Covid news.

A federal judge has denied a motion by anti-vaxxers, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to declare that a letter sent by Elizabeth Warren to Amazon […]

How To Respond To Whistleblower Demands

Two objects on a dark background: a football helmet and a whistle

The company receives a letter from a former employee, alleging the company has engaged in a financial fraud and demanding a seven-figure payment, or else […]

Money Talks About Free Speech

Shawnee State, a university in Ohio, is paying philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether $400,000 because it rebuked him for refusing to use a student’s preferred pronoun. […]

A Trade Secret Slugfest In Big Pharma

A stylized rendering of electronic circuitry with justice scales superimposed over it.

Weeks after being sued by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on multiple counts, including misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract, two former Pfizer executives have […]