“Sigh Of Relief” As Supreme Court Takes Up PAGA Case

Front of court house stylized image with electrifed arrow pointing to it.

With the Supreme Court granting certiorari in Viking River Cruises, Inc. v. Moriana, California employers “who have been plagued by the filing of boilerplate PAGA […]

Gig Work Showdown Looms In ‘22

Gig driver with mask looking at her phone.

In November 2020, California’s Proposition 22 passed with 59 percent of the vote, enabling companies like Lyft, Uber and Instacart to classify their drivers as […]

See-Saw Battle In Largest Ever U.S. Tort Case

Stylized ear receiving a sound wave.

Days after a federal jury in Florida found 3M liable for $22.5 million in a “bellwether” case alleging problems with ear plugs formerly manufactured by […]

Kennedy Magic Levitates An Anti-Vax Group

Room furniture being levitated as if by magic.

A formerly obscure anti-vax group became a fund raising and propaganda powerhouse when Robert F. Kennedy Jr.came aboard, and it’s now one of the world’s […]

Another Peril For Celebs! Copyright Suits By Papparazzi!

It’s bad enough when a paparazzo snaps a photo of a celebrity having a bad hair day, or doing something regrettable. Now those sneaky bastards […]

Cheap Bubbly Or Not, Pillow Guy Wasn’t Defamed

According to a New York federal Judge, noted Trumpie, ex-crackhead and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was not libeled when the Daily Mail published a story […]

Shareholder Activists Empowered Under Recent SEC Policy Change

A diversity of people -four cartoon-like drawings - with different colored word balloons.

A legal bulletin published last month by the SEC will make it easier to file shareholder resolutions and return more influence to investors, according to […]

Funny Money Update

The Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, who claims he is the one and only “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the pseudonym of the anonymous person who launched Bitcoin, […]

To Reduce Risk, Make AI “Explainable”

A confusion of arrows sprawled across a page

The problem for companies that employ AI, says a post from Federal News Network, is to make sure it’s implemented “in an ethical way” – […]

New Due Diligence Obligations for Deforestation-Risk Products

Clear-cut forest in foreground, city skyline under construction in backgrouind.

Recently passed legislation in the UK will regulate the import and use of certain so-called forest risk commodities (FRCs), or products derived from them, according […]

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