Lawyer Ethics

Putative Privacy Class Action May Proceed, Says New York Court

A putative class action against fashion designer Louis Vuitton North America Inc. in connection with its website’s eyeglass “Virtual Try-On” feature will continue after […]

Time To End The Taboo On “Worst-Case” Climate Scenarios

Sketch illustration of a lecturer pointing to what looks like a white chalk rendering of a globe on a blackboard.

A post in the online publication Inside Climate News suggests it’s time for scientists and others, including politicians and risk managers, to quit walking […]

Dark Money Said To Fuel Supreme Court Amicus Briefs

Abtract illustration of one person whispering into another person's ear.

An article in Politico looks at what the writer says amounts to a dark money lobbying campaign by the National Rifle Association, as the […]

Zealous Advocate Caught On Tape Deriding His Own Med Mal Case

Illustration of a word balloon broken in half.

In Orange County, CA., a prominent defense attorney won a medical malpractice case, after successfully casting doubt on the cause of death as listed […]

When Does GC “Stewardship” Become Abuse Coverup?

Man wearing suit with bag over his head, shrugging as if he is clueless.

A list of accused sexual predators within the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., was compiled at the request of […]

Clinical-Trial Fraud Gets DOJ’s Attention

Silhouette of man kicking an hour glass.

Speaking at a recent conference, a Department of Justice official warned against the dangerous consequences of clinical-trial fraud and said it’s become an enforcement […]

Is Clarence Thomas Married To A Conflict Of Interest?

From portico of Supreme Court, Capital viewedin the distance.

Writing in the New Yorker, Jane Mayer makes the case without quite stating the conclusion, quoting experts like Bruce Green, a Fordham professor specializing […]

Don’t Count On Rule Of Law To Keep The U.S. From Falling Apart

Image from Escher: the stairways that turn in on themselves.

Many first learned of the mathematician and logician Kurt Gödel through a book titled Gödel, Escher, Bach, which was a best seller in its […]

Unlikely Plaintiffs Challenge Bristol Myers Squibb Vaccine Policy

Gloved hands holding vaccine needles crossed.

Four plaintiffs, all highly-paid professionals, have filed a putative class action against Bristol Myers Squibb, claiming they were wrongfully denied religious exemptions to the […]

What Lisa Monaco Said

Stylized courthouse with arrow striking at it.

In a speech before an American Bar Association institute on white collar crime, Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco gave what’s widely viewed as […]