Legal Operations

Who Has the Stronger Case, Twitter or Elon Musk?

The battle between Elon Musk and Twitter is now entering its fifth month. Days after announcing the acquisition of Twitter on April 25, 2022, Musk […]

What to Look for When Considering Shared Office Space

Let’s say you have an office in a large national or international co-working company or shared office center. Suddenly the center closes, giving you very […]

Well-Being for E-Discovery Professionals

Although there has been a lot of discussion about wellness lately, little has been said about the impact of the pandemic on the mental health […]

Using CAL for eDiscovery

Continuous Active Learning, or CAL, is altering the litigation discovery process.  . As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to analyze documents and predict […]

Changes in How the Legal Industry Values Its Tech

The Covid-19 pandemic has required the legal industry to quickly adapt to a changing work environment, with legal technology proving to be a valuable resource. […]

Strong M&A Activity Predicted Despite Economic Slowdown

Global conflict and economic tensions ― from the Russia-Ukraine war to the disruption of supply chains, rising global inflation and uncertain valuations ― are behind […]

It’s Not How Much or How Well, but What Gets Done

Although legal culture is fixated on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are more important when it comes to getting work done. Productivity is the measure of […]

Bans on NDAs Spread, Expanding Beyond #MeToo

Five years after the #MeToo movement spotlighted sexual harassment and assault, NDA bans have spread and expanded beyond their original scope. In 2018, California enacted […]

PayPal Employees Invest in Innovation

Crowdsourcing innovation has been a struggle for organizations. It typically results in poor or useless ideas, management resistance, or monetary rewards that encourage quantity rather […]

After Dobbs, Abortion Still Protected in the Workplace

Despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization eliminating abortion rights on the federal level, pregnancy discrimination laws are still […]