Legal Operations

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Is Your Organization Suffering from Information Overload?

Information overload is the result of the modern organization’s always-on, more-is-better approach to communication and is the driver of employees’ disengagement and poor decision-making. […]

Follow Up on Your DEI Commitment: It Has Passed Its Sell-By Date

Many organizations have long been engaged in efforts to make their workforces and communities more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Following the murder of George Floyd […]

What Does Knowledge Sharing Have to Do With Participatory Management?

Employee input is growing in importance and frequency as more organizations are interested in participatory management, with employees included in the decision-making process. In […]

The Wide-Ranging Role of Legal Ops

In a recent article from Jim Gill of Hanzo, the growing significance of Legal Operations in corporate legal departments is discussed following the CLOC […]

Protecting the Crown Jewels: Your Data

Data security is becoming increasingly complex, and the datasets that require securing are growing rapidly. Rubrik Zero Labs’ report on the state of data […]

How to Choose Your Ediscovery Billing Method

Are you being charged for each user you have regardless of whether or not they log in to your ediscovery software? Perhaps you are […]

contract data models

Capturing Key Contract Data

In an interview, Karen Meyer, CEO of Contract Logix, discusses contract lifecycle management and how it can help general counsel and their legal teams […]

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Managing Collaboration Data Equals Retention and Technology

In the second of a four-part blog series, Jim Gill of Hanzo discusses collaboration data challenges faced by organizations prior to litigation and how technology […]

Intruder Scanner Foils API Hackers

As some legal firms and legal ops departments have begun building their own client-facing applications, clients will be demanding a single interface to access legal […]

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Generative AI: Making It Easier for Scammers and Thwarting Them at the Same Time

Before generative AI was publicly available, multiple resources were required to run disinformation campaigns effectively. However, this new technology has made it easier to create fake […]