Legal Operations

Plaintiffs in Privacy Lawsuit Want to Know When Alexa Is Listening

Amazon just lost a round in court and must produce 4.4 million documents in response to discovery requests in a potential class action over […]

What Is Adaptive Information Governance and How Does It Relate to Privacy?

Information governance is currently in a critical state of flux. Distributed architectures, regulatory compliance concerns, and broader adoption rates of data as a strategic […]

Delivering on the Promise to Sustain DEI Momentum

The social uprising around racial injustice that followed the murder of George Floyd in 2020 catalyzed an unprecedented investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion […]

Bridging the Gap Between Cloud Expectations and Reality

Cloud investments seem to be a prerequisite for numerous business transformation efforts today. In many organizations, though, the expected benefits don’t always materialize as […]

Is Your Board Focused on Cookie-Cutter “Gold Standards”?

The best boards focus on solutions and structures tailored to their companies, ignoring cookie-cutter “gold standards.” In recent years, however, the norm has veered […]

Lack of Digital Maturity in Top Law Firms Revealed

Ultimedia’s recent flagship Digital Maturity Report reveals a lack of maturity in the digital offerings of top law firms. The report shows that there’s […]

In Legal Ops, the Key Word Is “Business”— Interview With NRF’s Stephanie Hamon

Until recently, law firms advising their clients on legal operations was a super-niche activity. Artificial Lawyer spoke to Norton Rose Fullbright’s Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal […]

Closing the Racial Attention Deficit in DEI

Are diversity policies and programs making any difference in the workplace? In recent years, researchers have documented surprisingly poor outcomes associated with diversity training […]

Why Burnt-Out In-house Counsel Don’t Leave

Despite an exhausting few years, and with the next year or two looking no less chaotic, in-house counsel are not charging out of the exit doors. […]

Looking Down the Barrel of a Sanctions Motion Howitzer and Paying Out $2.5 Million

“If Dante were a judge, he would have placed fee litigation as an inner circle of judicial hell” was the first line of Judge […]