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Knowledge Management: The Symbiotic Relationship Between AI and Humans

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to play a role in supporting knowledge management (KM) activities is attracting considerable interest, with AI being identified […]

What’s Happening with Data Privacy and Cybersecurity in 2023?

Data Privacy Day has come and gone, but here is an encapsulated version of the National Law Review’s Top 10 data privacy and cybersecurity […]

Cyber Becomes Part of the Business

Deloitte Global’s 2023 Future of Cyber survey reveals that cyber’s role within organizations as an enabler is growing. It is consistently becoming a focal point for […]

Gen Z Challenges Big Law

Law firms had better heed the hopes and dreams of Gen Zers stampeding into their offices. There are fears that Gen Zers will bolt […]

Google Employees Call Rushed Announcement of Its Chat GTP Competitor “Un-Googlely”

Google employees are criticizing leadership, primarily CEO Sundar Pichai, for the way the company handled the announcement of Bard, its ChatGPT competitor. Staffers expressed their thoughts […]

EEOC Holds Hearing on Employment Discrimination in AI

On January 31, 2023, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) held a public hearing titled “Navigating Employment Discrimination in AI and Automated Systems: […]

Lawyers’ Lack of Familiarity with Legal Tech Increases

Unfamiliarity with available legal tech among lawyers is growing despite lawyers being subject to an ethical duty of technology competence under Rule 1.1 of the American Bar Association’s […]

Data Privacy Rules are Multiplying, Clean Out Your Data Closet

Businesses, especially those in highly regulated sectors and those that operate in multiple countries face a growing number of data privacy regulations. The rules […]

TikTok Counters Concerns with Los Angeles Transparency Center

TikTok has opened its transparency and accountability center in Los Angeles. Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok had announced it was opening transparency centers […]

Are You Being Ghosted in Your Organization?

Ghosting. It happens after a business meeting that ended in an agreement to move forward. It happens after a job interview, followed by a promise […]