Legal Operations

SEC Proposals to Protect Investors from Greenwashing

On May 25, the SEC released a pair of proposals impacting business development companies (BDCs) and registered investment companies that use environmental, social and […]

Protect Your Company from Ransomware Attacks

According to a recent survey, ransomware attacks affected two thirds (66%) of companies last year. Observers of the cyber insurance market will probably agree […]

Preparing to Comply With New Cybersecurity Requirements

Protecting Privileged Forensic Reports

Recent high-profile cybersecurity incidents have affected large numbers of everyday citizens and have catapulted cybersecurity into the legislative and regulatory spotlight. The U.S. government […]

Business or Fairness: Which Case for Diversity?

Most organizations don’t feel they need to explain why they care about core values such as innovation, resilience or integrity. Yet when it comes […]

Will the U.S. Get a National Privacy Law?

The United States is one of the only industrialized countries that lacks a single national privacy law, which affects our global competitiveness and creates […]

Using Screenshots as Evidence? Authenticate Them First

In the world of ediscovery, complex data sources — such as chat messages and SaaS user interfaces — are called complex because it’s challenging […]

Legal Ops and the Keys to Organizational Knowledge

We are hearing more and more that legal ops holds the keys to organizational knowledge. According to the Onna article “The strategic importance of […]

Align Your Company’s Culture With Its Strategy and Purpose

Traditionally, good strategy has been seen as the key to business success; and more recently, purpose has become an essential element.  What has received […]

The FTC Is Coming After Marketers and Robocallers

The newly-constituted FTC is now back to full strength and is coming after digital marketers and robocallers. It recently issued its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), […]

Constitutional Concerns About Disclosure Bill on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The California Climate Corporate Accountability Act (SB260) requires large companies to report annually on their greenhouse gas emissions. It was voted out of the Senate […]