New World Of Risk For Power Industry, Alternative Or Not

Power generation, wind tower in the foreground, fossil fuel plant with smoke rising in the back.

The evolution of power generation to cleaner and smarter systems is often portrayed as smooth and relatively risk-free, but in fact the industry is facing […]

“Sigh Of Relief” As Supreme Court Takes Up PAGA Case

Front of court house stylized image with electrifed arrow pointing to it.

With the Supreme Court granting certiorari in Viking River Cruises, Inc. v. Moriana, California employers “who have been plagued by the filing of boilerplate PAGA […]

Nikola Clears the Decks

After agreeing to $125 million to the SEC over federal security law violations, Nikola Corp. has dropped its $2 billion patent infringement lawsuit against Tesla. […]

Gig Work Showdown Looms In ‘22

Gig driver with mask looking at her phone.

In November 2020, California’s Proposition 22 passed with 59 percent of the vote, enabling companies like Lyft, Uber and Instacart to classify their drivers as […]

2021 Saw Record Workplace Class Action Settlements

According to Seyfarth’s Workplace Class Action Litigation Report, 2021 marked the largest workplace class action settlement numbers in the 18-year history of the report. Settlements […]

See-Saw Battle In Largest Ever U.S. Tort Case

Stylized ear receiving a sound wave.

Days after a federal jury in Florida found 3M liable for $22.5 million in a “bellwether” case alleging problems with ear plugs formerly manufactured by […]

Kennedy Magic Levitates An Anti-Vax Group

Room furniture being levitated as if by magic.

A formerly obscure anti-vax group became a fund raising and propaganda powerhouse when Robert F. Kennedy Jr.came aboard, and it’s now one of the world’s […]

A Key Word For Risk Managers In 2022

Stylized old-fashioned sailing ship on a stormy sea.

Calling 2021 “an extremely weird and trying year” and predicting more of the same for 2022, a writer from insurer Zurich North America says the […]

Lawsuit Abuse Costs Billions, and It’s All California’s Fault

Sherman “Tiger” Joyce, president of the American Tort Reform Association, writes that California was named the worst Judicial Hellhole in the country in the 20th […]

Transnational Companies Must Sell Into Nest Of Cybersecurity Regs

Collage of the words "yes" and "no."

Almost all products now contain digital components, and many can connect to the internet. These products – ranging from talking dolls to medical devices, to […]

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