He Could’ve But He Didn’t

A class action lawsuit brought by former shareholders of Oracle alleged that the company overpaid when it acquired NetSuite. According to the plaintiffs, Lawrence Ellison, […]

Trying a Case In a Judicial Hellhole

courtroom in hell

For anyone whose practice focuses on mass torts or a national counsel practice, litigating in a judicial hellhole is not uncommon. I finished 2022 with […]

Remote Employees and Patent Venue

remote employee

Patent owners, accused infringers, and patent litigators spend a surprising amount of time thinking about and litigating venue. A wave of non-practicing entity cases made […]

Per Se or Rule of Reason?

Section 2 of the Sherman Act can be enforced civilly or criminally. It’s been a long time since the DOJ pursued a Section 2 violation […]

Be on the Lookout for Cactus Ransomware!

Image of human figure on a compouter screen, as he is pulling a rope attached to an envelope that is imaged on an adjacent computer screen.

A new ransomware operation called Cactus is exploiting vulnerabilities in network devices with enhanced security features, or VPN appliances, to access the networks of large […]

High Court Says Giant Brick and Mortar Relic Can Contest Weird Lease

When the Mall of America opened in Bloomington, Mn. in 1992 it was hailed as the ninth wonder of the world, a 5.6 million sq. […]

Supreme Court Punts On Privilege for In-House Communications

Last January the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a case that would have solved a problem that legal department attorneys frequently encounter, how […]

How To Use AI For Recruiting Without Getting Sued

The flaws in AI systems used in recruitment and hiring could transform the workforce in unpredictable ways, according to a Tilleky & Gibbins paper. It […]

IRS Prevails In a Clash of Giants

Section 6920 of the Delaware Code prohibits the Delaware Department of Insurance from disclosing certain information about captive insurance companies without the companies’ consent. The […]

Mass. Attorney General Forces Rollback In Workers’ Comp Premiums

On April 6th Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell announced resolution of an administrative rate trial at the Division of Insurance that will result in […]