Error and “Harmless Error” In Huge Infringement Award

Dennis Crouch writes about an odd IP case, Centripetal Networks, Inc. v. Cisco Sys., Inc., that resulted in what he calls a “wild” decision by […]

Current Trends In D&O Insurance

A pen poised over a graph with two graph lines on it.

A look at recent developments and current trends in the world of D&O insurance, from Kevin LaCroix, host of the online journal D&O Diary. He […]

Inflation Woes Acute For Middle-Market Insureds

Business person sitting on a folding chair looking at a wall hung with charts and graphs.

It’s a problem in just about every nook and cranny of the economy, but it’s particularly insidious when it comes to insurance for middle market […]

Million Dollar Fine In First Ever CCPA Settlement

Two stick figures sitting across from each other at a table, discussing money.

The first settlement ever under the California Consumer Privacy Act requires cosmetics retailer Sephora to pay $1.2 million in penalties. Sephora will also need to […]

ADA “Shakedown” Lawsuit Dismissed In CA

Closeup of two gavels, posed as if they are facing off.

A lawsuit filed earlier this year by the district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco accused a San Diego law firm of making a […]

Black Lives Matter Ripped By Litigation

Simple line drawing: cloud split by lightening bolt with two drops of rain falling from the cloud.

A group representing local Black Lives Matter chapters has sued the LA-based national fund raising arm of the movement in a dispute that’s said to […]

High Stakes IP Lawsuit Over A “Trio of Fonts”

Ink sketch of a woman drawing, seated next to a globe, pyramid and other archaic objects

A woman said to be one of the world’s leading graphic designers has sued the internet design and printing company Zazzle, Inc., alleging it has […]

Insurer Wins Another Covid Claim Dispute

The Conrad Indianapolis hotel suspended operations in April 2020. At that point, six of its 247 rooms were occupied. It attempted to collect on a […]

Declared-Value Trap Could Ensnare Insureds After $Multi-Million Jewelry Heist

Ilustration of tiny black figure holding a giant mangifying glass over a piece of paper with lines of writing on it.

The robbery made headlines worldwide, with some comparing it to the operation in the movie Ocean’s 11. That seems a bit much, as all the […]

$600K Phishing Attack Not Covered By Computer Fraud Policy

Image of human figure on a compouter screen, as he is pulling a rope attached to an envelope that is imaged on an adjacent computer screen.

The operative term for what happened to a company called SJ Computers is a BEC  (“business email compromise”) attack, sometimes just called a spear phishing […]