The Exchange of Information: Per Se or Rule of Reason?

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Recently, I attended the ABA Antitrust Section’s Spring Meeting in Washington. One of the hot topics of discussion was the exchange of information. Earlier this […]

Big Issue Looming For IP Attorneys

When Stephen Thaler petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for certiorari on Federal Circuit patent decision, he said: “Only a court with substantial hubris would be […]

Maybe They Are Avatars

Three business people gathered around a laptop on a table, with vague technology-suggesting icons superimposed over the blue-tinged photo. One of the persons appears to be explaining something to the other two.

The metaverse is so huge and complicated that JPMorgan Chase Bank, the fifth biggest bank in the real world, got lost in it. Now the […]

Supreme Court Rules For Parties Subject To FTC and SEC Enforcement

The Supreme Court resolved a split between the Fifth and Ninth Circuits by unanimously holding that parties to enforcement actions before in-house tribunals at the […]

Intrigues on the CAFC

The ethical implications of Clarence Thomas’s association with a Conservative gazzilionaire isn’t the only soap opera currently playing out on the DC courts. According to […]

“Sweeping” Tort Reform Signed Into Law In Florida

Symbolic illustration: Silhouette figure is leaning into a giant close fist, as if trying to pry it open.

A post from law firm Faegre Drinker details major provisions in a tort reform bill that was signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis […]

AI and IP On a Collision Course

Two new E-tools, DALL-E and Midjourney, use AI to create images based on user text prompts. They do their task by wading through billions of […]

How Insurers Can Refuse To Cover Hacker Payments

Keyboard in shadows, with a white "thumbs down" image on one of the keys.

Insurers sometimes make the argument that paying ransomware or putting out money after falling for an email scam do not constitute “direct lost” and therefore […]

ESG and Class Action Lawsuits

2022 was a banner year for class action lawsuits. According to a Duane Morris analysis, “the aggregate totals of the top ten class action settlements […]

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

It all began with The Beatles. Not long before they broke up for good, the Fab Four founded Apple Records and its parent company, Apple […]