Record $275M Fine For Game Maker

Viewed from the back, a young boy, wearing earphones, engrossed in a computer screen, arms raised in triumph.

The $275 million fine, for alleged violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), was one of two settlements with game maker Epic Games, […]

American Builders Wins Bad Faith Suit Against Southern-Owners

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court ruling that Southern-Owners Insurance acted in bad faith when it failed to pay anything toward […]

Cyber Insurance Reeling, May Disappear, Says Zurich Insurance Exec

White outline of a figure on a black background. He is holding an umbrella, it appears to raining zeros and ones, as if its "raining data."

Among all risks, natural catastrophes have been considered the most likely to become uninsurable, but it now looks as if that distinction will fall to […]

Robot Opines On Its Potential Legal Problems

Front view of human figure, with a robot-like torso, pondering, with justice scales and gavel in the background.

It’s getting easier to interact with AI, and it’s going to get a lot easier in the near future, observers say. Unlike fusion power generation, […]

Another “Inflation” Is Roiling The Insurance Market

Abstract illustration of four figures looking at 3-dimensional models of graphs, al of them "ascending."

Social inflation is a broad and somewhat slippery term that refers to rising insurance costs as the result of increasing litigation, plaintiff-friendly judgments, higher jury […]

Twitter Allegedly Fired Employees On Medical Leave

Allegations that Twitter terminated employees who were on medical or parental leave, unfairly laid off more women than men, and reneged on promises related to […]

“Pyrrhic” Victory For DOJ In Aerospace Labor-Poaching Case

Stylized illustration of an airplane ascending, but with an erratic flight path suggested by its contrail.

In a case involving a high-level no-poach agreement in the aerospace industry, the Department of Justice Antitrust Division beat back the defendant companies’ attempt to […]

Green Carve-Out Partly Defangs Injunction In Wind Turbine IP Case

Abstract illustration of three wind turbines supplying electricity to a city skyline.

A post from law firm Mintz sees a significant trend in a ruling from U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. “This case,” the attorneys write, “indicates […]

The Diciest Of Corporate Governance Issues

Symbolic illustration: two figures in a dimly lit space shing a searchlight at a stairwell leading upwards.

They’ve gotten more expensive and the range of issues spawning them has grown wider, according to a post from law firm Farella Braun+Martel. Alleged fraud, […]

Death Trap

The fallout keeps falling from Justice Clarence Thomas’s majority opinion in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, according to Steven Lubet, Williams […]