Anti-Vax Crusaders Dealt Setback In Legal Battle With Elizabeth Warren

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A federal judge has denied a motion by anti-vaxxers, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to declare that a letter sent by Elizabeth Warren to Amazon […]

Beware The Chargemaster

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a woman who signed contracts to pay $1,337 for two back surgeries at a Denver hospital but […]

Covid-Related Business Interruption Litigation Proliferates

The number of lawsuits being filed over Covid-related business interruption insurance is growing fast, according to a Moore&VanAllen alert. Dozens have been filed nationwide, including […]

Wells Fargo Wins One

A lawsuit brought against Wells Fargo by the Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii and subsequently by other class members was dismissed on […]

Worker’s Comp Fraud Costs $30 Billion Annually

According to the California Department of Insurance, workers’ comp fraud costs the state between $1 billion to $3 billion a year. The figure for the […]

Piso Mojado

Good reads: Two (very) short stories from the world of slip and fall — actually cautionary tales for dodgy plaintiffs. The author, who teaches hospitality […]

Stark Dam Disaster Garners SEC Complaint & Likely D&O Claims

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It’s hard to imagine a more graphic case of over-optimistic projection in SEC filings than those alleged to have been made by Brazilian mining company […]

Fashion Exec Sues MeToo Lawyer, Alleging Extortion; Insurer Balks

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An executive with apparel and fashion accessory company Guess (aka Guess?, Inc.) has filed a lawsuit against attorney Lisa Bloom and her law firm, alleging […]

Challenges Mount For Mandatory Arbitration

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Companies that have been shielded from class actions by mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer and employment contracts are facing a new strategy.  The latest company […]

How To Respond To Whistleblower Demands

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The company receives a letter from a former employee, alleging the company has engaged in a financial fraud and demanding a seven-figure payment, or else […]