Using AI To Outwit A Copyright

A succession of infinity symbols, each one slightly different.

So called “clearance culture” is rampant in movie and video production. What it means is that big budget content creators often go to the trouble […]

The GC/Risk-Management Dynamic In Three Companies

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An article in Canadian Lawyer reports on a forum that brought together general counsel from three major Canadian companies, along with one law firm attorney […]

Act Now To Prevent Climate Liability

Climate change litigation has doubled since 2015. It began mainly targeting energy companies, but it has expanded to implicate new plaintiffs, claimants, and jurisdictions. It […]

FTX Collapse Ensnares Celebrity Endorsers

A house of cards collapsing.

Given the practice has been going on since at least the 1930s and probably long before that, it seems outlandish that wealthy celebrities who capitalize […]

Expected Increase In Legal Malpractice Claims

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A Georgia attorney with a legal malpractice specialty reports that malpractice carriers are expecting to see a claims uptick. Historical factors fueling this trend include […]

The Argument For Mediating Employment Disputes

An article in covers the basics of mediating, and offers five arguments why both plaintiffs and defendants should favor mediation over litigation in employment […]

Trump Clobbers Niece In NY Court

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From the opening sentence, the complaint in Mary Trump’s case against Donald Trump and two of his siblings is a compelling read: “For Donald J. […]

Class Action Alleges Amazon Makes It Hard To Ditch Prime

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A putative class action filed in federal court in Seattle alleges that Amazon intentionally makes it difficult to unsubscribe to the Amazon Prime program. “Because […]

Settlement Strategy For Workers’ Comp

Attorneys Alex Ficker and Sarah M. Luna offer a settlement strategy for workers’ comp claims. At the outset they urge a definition of “winning” that […]

Alphabet Soup

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) constitute a potent one-two punch by Golden State regulators, and a model […]