Mitigating Litigation Risk of Inherently Dangerous Products

This articles addresses the litigation threat to companies whose products are inherently dangerous. By way of example, the authors consider the case of Blitz USA, […]

Courts are Testing and Accepting Technology-Assisted Review

Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) promises to reduce the time and money it takes to produce responsive materials, using a blend of attorney analysis and computer intelligence. […]

Summary Jury Trials as an Alternative to Litigation

Trials have become so expensive that few clients choose to go through them. A modified version of so-called “summary jury trials” could provide an affordable […]

New Ways To Reduce Litigation Costs

The major cost driver in litigation is not the trial, but rather the many expensive and time consuming pretrial tasks. Those costs have ballooned in […]

Coordinated Witness Preparation for Employment Litigation

The defense of a labor and employment case that is headed toward trial is often based on the testimony of a variety of employees, most […]

Rougher Litigation Terrain For Non-Practicing Entities

Recent trends in patent litigation have made lawsuits brought by non-practicing entities (NPEs) somewhat easier and cheaper to defend. Historically, many of these cases have […]