A Thin IP Victory For Gibson Guitar

Gibson guitar 3-D sign hanging in front of Sun Studio.

A jury in federal court in Texas has found that Dean Guitar has infringed Gibson trademarks, including its Dove Wing headstock and the Hummingbird acoustic […]

Survey Finds Soaring Legal Malpractice Claims

Illustration of somebody putting their fingers into a wall electrical socket.

While the frequency of legal malpractice claims has remained stable for years, the cost of claims has reached “troubling new heights,” according to a survey […]

Hangin’ With Heff

Bill Cosby is back in the dock. Prison isn’t an option, but his purse will be further depleted if Judy Huth has her way. Huth […]

DC AG Sues Zuckerberg

Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl Racine is on the offensive against social media. On May 23 he sued Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for data abuses […]

Rampant Property Insurance Fraud Alleged In FLA

Wooden human figures in a circle, holding hands.

A law firm that has filed thousands of lawsuits against property insurers over a period of several years and is alleged to have been in […]

Big Fight Over Legal Fees, After $15M Wrongful Death Settlement In Killing Of Elijah McClain

Styllized hand holding a card on which is pictured a gavel and dollar signs

In the complaint that led to the settlement, the events leading to the death of Elijah McClain, an eccentric young black man in Aurora, CO, […]

What Can You Do With A Few Billion Faceprints?

Collage suggesting facial recognition data.

Not as much as you could before the recently announced settlement between Clearview AI and the American Civil Liberties Union, according to the ACLU. Clearview […]

New Coverage Available For “Mid-Scale” Renewable Energy Projects

Sunbeams hitting a solar array.

A new renewable energy facility, to provide expedited policy issuance and uniform conditions for mid-scale solar and battery energy storage system (BESS) risks, has been […]

Anti-Vax Crusaders Dealt Setback In Legal Battle With Elizabeth Warren

Symbolic drawing: silhouette of person's head opened with fake news symbols coming out of it, while the person is looking at a phone labeled Covid news.

A federal judge has denied a motion by anti-vaxxers, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to declare that a letter sent by Elizabeth Warren to Amazon […]

Beware The Chargemaster

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a woman who signed contracts to pay $1,337 for two back surgeries at a Denver hospital but […]