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Privacy Ruling In Illinois

In April the Illinois Supreme Court issued a decision that could have significant implications for the state’s litigation landscape and […]

corporate water footprint

Impact of Climate Litigation On Share Price

A London School of Economics study shows that climate-related lawsuits have an increasing effect on market capitalization. The first climate-related […]

Goodbye SEC Enforcement

He Could’ve But He Didn’t

A class action lawsuit brought by former shareholders of Oracle alleged that the company overpaid when it acquired NetSuite. According […]

Corporate Transparency Act Kicks In Soon

Design Patent Bar Proposed

Companies in certain industries – bicycle manufacturers, mobile phones, robots – find that design patents offer protections that utility patents […]

Report on IP Theft Due Soon

The Intellectual Property Act of 2022 is now law. It requires the President to impose sanctions on any foreign person […]

Claims Alleging Breach of Oversight By Directors Clarified

A claim for breach of duty of oversight by directors and officers is known as a “Caremark claim,” after the […]

contract data models

M&A Doing OK

The M&A insurance market is sharply up from pandemic levels, more than 40 percent from 2020, but the transaction total […]

New Priorities At EEOC

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s budget has been increased, its leadership has changed and its enforcement priorities will change […]

New Ransomware Gang Hits Sony

Crypto-Bankruptcies Have SEC and CFTC Casting Wider Net

The SEC and CFTC have widened the scope of their regulatory actions recently as crypto firm bankruptcies worsen liquidity concerns. […]

Right To Work Law Repealed

Michigan has repealed its right to work law effective March 30th, the first state to do so in decades. Writing […]

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Financial Industry Suing to Foil New Regulations

New rules aimed at lenders, investment funds, and other financial entities would […]

Regulatory Burden Factors Into AI Decision

GC Must Warn Boards Of AI Risks

There are companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars or more into […]

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