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A Win For “Silent Cyber Coverage” In IL Supreme Court

Policy holders prevailed before the Illinois Supreme Court in a coverage dispute involving the closely watched Biometric Information Privacy Act. The court ruled that claims […]

Turmoil After Law Firm Fires Alleged Trumpies

The president and a name partner at Minnesota’s “largest and nicest bankruptcy law firm” fired two employees, allegedly because he had concluded they were racist […]

Apple Breach Typifies “The Future Of Online Extortion”

After obtaining technical information about unreleased Apple products by breaching Apple supplier Quanta, Ransomware gang REvil wants $50 million from Apple, but the extortion threat […]

Websites Don’t Need ADA Accessibility-11th Circuit

If Congress wants to include websites under its definition of “public accommodation,” it will have to make that explicit in legislation, per the Eleventh Circuit […]

Can Workers, Fearing Covid, Quit And Still Get Unemployment?

Shortly after taking office, President Biden issued an executive order asking the Department of Labor to instruct state unemployment agencies to allow workers to claim […]

Small Firm Lawyer Will Be Trump’s Impeachment Defense Counsel

For his upcoming Senate impeachment trial, Donald Trump has retained a lawyer from a small firm in Columbia, South Carolina. Though not well known nationally, […]

The Long Strange Trip Of Cleta Mitchell

The unlikely career path of former Foley & Larder partner Cleta Mitchell is the subject of a recent article in the online daily Urban Milwaukee. […]

Bad Year Predicted For Ransom Victims

Ransomware gangs have become more proficient and professional, aided in some cases by a mini-industry of consultants and stolen credential vendors. “I see no reason […]

Law Firm Must Give Feds Names Of Tax Clients

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has declined a request for an en banc hearing in a case where an earlier panel ruling requires a […]

Scalia’s Trinity

In his review of a recent anthology of writings by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, Harvard Law professor and Bloomberg columnist Noah Feldman identifies three […]