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Book-Cooking Lawyers Violated Cardinal Tenet: Don’t Email Fraud Plans

In e-mails spanning nearly four years, former leaders of Dewey & LeBoeuf discussed “fake income,” “accounting tricks,” and their “clueless auditor” in an elaborate […]

More Independent Artists Taking Companies To Court To Protect IP

Independent artists are becoming increasingly litigious in an effort to protect copyright of their original designs that end up being sold by retailers or […]

To Prosecute Or Not To Prosecute? Limiting Exposure Of Trade Secrets During Criminal Prosecutions

Referring a trade secrets theft case to the government comes with risks, including the possibility that the prosecutor may not sufficiently protect the secrets at issue.

No Right To Jury Trial For Dodd-Frank Whistleblowers

A district court has ruled that an employee who sues under the whistleblower provision of Dodd-Frank has no right to a jury trial. The […]

Kentucky Gov. Will Hire Outside Counsel In Same-Sex Marriage Case

Kentucky’s Attorney General, Jack Conway, says he won’t appeal a federal judge’s decision requiring the state to honor same-sex marriage licenses performed elsewhere, but […]

Chevron Scores Win In Convoluted Pollution Case

Oil giant Chevron scored a major victory this week in a decades-long case that is rooted in pollution in Ecuador’s rain forests. Manhattan lawyer […]

New Fed Cybersecurity Standards Could Be Used In Class Actions

The new cybersecurity standards for critical infrastructure from the National Institute for Standards and Technology’s (NIST), developed by executive order from President Obama, are […]

SCOTUS Debates Formula For Awarding Attorney’s Fees In IP Cases

Though several Supreme Court judges agreed that making the losing side of an IP case pay attorney’s fees may be an effective way to […]

DOJ Backs Broadcasters In Supreme Court Streaming TV Copyright Case

The Justice Department is backing cable television providers in a Supreme Court case pitting the traditional TV business model versus that of internet streaming […]

Privilege Does Not Cover Communications With Outside Counsel Relating To Business-Related Advice, E.D.N.Y. Holds

Employers would do well to remember that not all communications with counsel will per se be deemed protected under the attorney-client privilege and work-product doctrine, and in conversations with outside counsel they should be explicit in stating they seek legal advice in anticipation of litigation.