Damage, Not Theft, Likely Aim of Possible New Wave of Cyber-Attacks

A spate of recent probes may be the first step…

Surveillance Court Okayed All 1,856 DOJ Requests in 2012

The law has raised alarms among some European authorities.

Internet Sales Tax Passes Senate, but Obstacles Remain in the House

The main House sponsor of The Marketplace Fairness Act is a Republican, but it’s opposed by two important Republican constituencies, […]

No Headway on Do-Not-Track Talks

Advertisers want to track, and privacy advocates balk. The “Tracking Protection Working Group”of a standards-setting body, the World Wide Web […]

New Standard for “Related Parties” Pending from the PCAOB

The PCAOB is about to publish a proposed revised standard for how auditors should address transactions involving related parties and other types of “unusual” transactions…

Regulators in Europe Hone in on Executive Compensation

“Populist sentiment and the resulting political environment continue to fuel stricter regulation of executive and director compensation,” according to an […]

Supreme Court: Pot Possession not Necessarily Grounds for Deportation

In a little noted decision, the Court rejected the government’s attempt to construe a sentence of five years probation followed […]

Obama Administration Relaxing Export Controls

Congressional approval is needed for some but not all the changes, and some legislators remain concerned that exports with potential […]

Career Advice from an In-House Lawyer

Never say no if a head hunter wants to talk, keep up your contacts, and…

Blackberry CEO: Tablets Obsolete in Five Years

The laptop is history, the tablet’s days are numbered and the future is the smart phone.

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