Cyber Security Survey from Verizon Details Growing Threat

Verizon’s GC calls for for better public policy, voluntary sharing of information, antitrust protection for companies that cooperate, and good “cyber hygiene” in the meantime.

Volkswagen-Apple Collaborate on an “iCar”

The vehicle “boasts integration with the iPhone through Volkswagens iBeetle app, which provides access to entertainment and diagnostic functions..” The  car is  said to […]

Austerity Theory Takes a Hit

A spreadsheet mistake in widely referenced 2010 academic paper may have rendered many European policy makers farblondget, for want of a better word — […]

Feds Tighten Bank Lending Standards

Federal regulators are requiring banks to tighten underwriting standards for leveraged lending, per a final guidance issue on March 22. The guidance “shows a […]

REITs Alleged as Major Corporate Tax Dodge

Some major operating companies have converted to a REIT, but with all the attention on deficits, taxes and tax fairness, Congress could take another look …

“Reverting to the Physical”: The Surprising Comeback of an Industry

Record growth of in industry once written off as dead as the manual typewriter has taken some observers by surprise. Aficionados, Neil Young among […]

GCs and Compliance Officers Battle for Turf

Survey: Compliance professionals say it’s a full time job — theirs. They don’t want to report to the GC either.

In a Regional Initiative, OSHA Will Target Workplace Noise

The Agency will be inspecting a variety of industries, from sawmills to bakeries, in Region III, which includes Delaware, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.  in […]

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