Risk Manager

Why Healthcare Is A Sitting Duck For Cyber Attacks, And What To Do About It

Color photo of a modern white building that looks like it's probably a hospital.

So-called social engineering attacks – including Phishing, Vishing/Smishing, Baiting, “Quid Pro Quo,” and Pretexting – don’t involve a technical breach in the engineering sense. […]

New DOJ Compliance Enforcement Policies Include Clawback

Two people sitting across a desk from each other, only their arms and hands visible. One is showing the other the numbers as displayed on a calculator.

A post from law firm Faegre Drinker looks at a spate of recently announced DOJ compliance enforcement initiatives. The writers, a team of eight […]

Alarm Over “Wafer-Thin” Supply Chain Insurance Coverage

A group of business and production icons suspended ghost-like over a silhouette of two hands capped open, with a skyline in the background.

Based on the results of a survey of risk managers, logistics managers, and CEOs worldwide, the Global Head of Broking at Willis Towers Watson […]

What Not To Talk About When You Talk About Unions

Man in Santa Claus costume looking at viewer, with his finger over his mouth as of to say "shhh."

The National Labor Relations Board “will soon be taking a tougher stance against employers who misrepresent how things could change if employees voted to […]

GoodRX Settlement Points To Possible Gaping Hole In Cyber Coverage

Vaguely psychedelic rendering of a trail of zeros and ones disappearing down a black hole.

The familiar breach scenario involves a bad-actor third party that steals information that it can monetize, or locks up a company’s computer systems pending […]

Supply Chain Diligence Issue Gets A Jolt

Symbolic illustration: Laptop open, images of airplane, truck and boxes of stuff arrayed over the keyboard; a guy's hand is holding a mouse, with a cup of coffee nearby.

Calling it “an accelerating movement,” a post from law firm White & Case looks at new rules, either adopted or proposed, requiring increased due […]

Gathering “NIMBY” Storm Over Renewable Energy Siting

A field of wind turbines at night in a storm, lit up by lightening.

The siting of renewable energy infrastructure (mainly wind turbines and solar arrays) has become a contentious issue in the US, notably on both coasts […]

Threat Of Violence Rampant In Healthcare, And OSHA May Step In

Illustration of a diverse group of health care workers, all wearing scrubs, standing in a group facing the viewer.

Violence directed against healthcare workers, already alarming before the COVID pandemic, has gotten worse. A post from law firm Ogletree Deakins says it now […]

A Finger-Wag For The Last-Milers

Delivery van in a city, with a blurred background suggesting it might be speeding.

Many companies in the so called last-mile delivery business are blaming nuclear verdicts, greedy plaintiff lawyers and “social inflation” for rising insurance rates, according […]

Corporate Legal Department Health Check

Time for a reality check. Here are some questions to evaluate whether your law department is equipped for the future. How much time is […]