McKinsey’s Opioid Conflict Problem

Silhouette rendering of two businessmen with briefcases either squaring off or shaking hands, it's hard tdo tell.

News accounts in most major outlets and many of the minor ones have been pretty scathing. One source pegs the story under the category  “revolving […]

Unusual Confidentiality Clause In CFO’s Retirement Agreement

Richard Cassin, writing in FCPA Blog, discusses an unusual confidentiality clause relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a Walmart CFO’s retirement agreement. Included […]

Sidney Powell Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth

Her lawyers say “no reasonable person would conclude that her statements were truly statements of fact, they are simply “her opinions and legal theories on […]

Novel Antitrust Remedies For Big Tech

Big tech is not amenable to routine antitrust remedies, which are designed to address restraint of trade and restore competition. One remedy that could work […]

Law Prof Poses Alternative To Court Packing

NYU law prof Christopher Jon Sprigman says there is a better way than court packing to counter “partisan judges.” Congress has the power to strip […]

Conservatives Ask Supreme Court to End Qualified Immunity for Cops

Reason.com occasionally gets it right, although their contributors have an annoying habit of reducing everything to dollars and cents (recently a former climate change-denier announced […]

Assessing The Contractual Impacts of COVID-19

How are contract obligations affected in times of extreme uncertainty? This post looks first at the force majeure clause and how it might apply when contract non-performance is the result of supply chain…

Sartorial Anxiety Over Virtual Arguments

Some of the nation’s top attorneys are preparing to make arguments that could make or break their career. The Supreme Court’s announcement it would hold […]

Dark Money Ties To Judicial Nominations

Attorney general Bill Barr, Office of Personnel Management director Dale Cabaniss, and White House counsel Pat Cipollone have received letters from five U.S. Senators, suggesting […]

Disgorgement Case May Be Decided Quickly

The Supreme Court heard Liu v. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 3. The case concerns the scope of relief in enforcement actions that the […]