A Limit on Expert Testimony in Patent Cases

Expert witnesses in a patent case can testify to a lot of things, but according to attorney Daniel Hanson, obviousness is not one of […]

Streaming Giants Lose Round One Of Fight To Avoid Fees

A Missouri township that is attempting to enforce a local ordinance requiring video service providers to pay five percent of their gross revenues in […]

Joe Biden’s Brother Problem

In a scenario reminiscent of the Clinton years, when the Secret Service gave the President’s brother Roger the code name “Headache” and the Rodham […]

Citgo Implicated In Bribery and Financial Crimes

A dual citizen of the U.S. and Venezuela, has pleaded guilty to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related charges in the ongoing investigation into […]

Consumers Might Balk if Antitrust Takes Aim at Big Tech

The five most valuable companies in the U.S. –  Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook – are all in the tech sector, and there […]

Victims Get Restitution In Lawyer Porn Scam; The Lawyer Gets 10 Years

Last year a Minneapolis attorney pled guilty for his part in an ingenious scam that managed to exploit both the clout of IP law […]

Misconceptions About Legal Ops Challenged

A blog on the CLOC site takes on some myths about the purpose, scope, and responsibilities of legal operations. The first is its role, […]

Bribery Enforcement in Russia Focuses on Low End Fraud

The Russian general prosecutor’s office has published year-end statistics for corporate bribery enforcement in 2018. According to a summary in the FCPA blog, the […]

AI and Due Diligence

Artificial intelligence systems like AlphaGo and AlphaZero have already outclassed humans at complex games like Chess and Go, but that’s all they can do. […]

Law Prof Who Joined Weinstein Defense Team Under Fire

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. is an accomplished defense attorney, a Harvard Law professor and director of Harvard’s criminal-law clinic, but his decision to join […]