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Celebrity Chef Sues New York Restaurant

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November 3, 2017

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora is suing Fatbird, a New York restaurant that features dixieland cuisine. The former Iron Chef America contestant claims that Fatbird has been operating the restaurant in a shoddy manner, for which Cat Cora has received the blame, causing irreparable injury to her brand, goodwill, and reputation. The problems include lousy reviews, and menu items and food pairings that are inconsistent with Cat Cora’s standards. According to one reviewer, who didn’t like the chicken much, but took particular exception to the cocktail menu (; “The drinks are sweet, made with ungainly combinations of multiple boozes and fruit juices, and served in jars ranging in size from one pint to two gallons, nearly all priced from $16 to $99. For example, Honky Tonk Hippie Juice, a fruity concoction of watermelon vodka, triple sec, coconut rum, strawberry pink lemonade, and muddled strawberries! Cat Cora seeks a preliminary and permanent injunction enjoining Fatbird from using her name and likeness.

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