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Challenging Job Opening For Aspiring Tech GC

October 22, 2020

The successful candidate for the post of Deputy General Counsel, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Facebook. Menlo Park, Cal., will hold a highly visible and critical role leading Facebook’s enterprise-wide risk management and compliance program, responsible for designing and implementing procedures to mitigate legal and regulatory risk across Facebook’s global business. There is no mention of antitrust expertise in the job description, but it would come in handy in view of the pending lawsuits by the SEC and as many as 47 states. A year old report on state probes says they are considering matters that raise ethical and regulatory questions such as consumer data protection, quality of consumer choice and the increased price of advertising. The suits will primarily consider whether Facebook made acquisitions to reduce competition. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted to that strategy in 2012 emails citing the difficulty of competing with Instagram as a reason for buying the company. In one email, Zuckerberg said the rationale would be to “neutralize a competitor.”

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