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Coal Company Sues Talk Show Host

KARKAR, AFGHANISTAN-OCTOBER 30: Afghan coal miners adjust their lights on their helmets at the entrance of the Karkar mine October 30,2004 Karkar, Afghanistan. The mine is the most active one in the country, producing coal for the country for the upcoming winter season. There are 160 mine workers working 2 shifts producing 55 tons of coal per day which has been in operation for 57 years and was active during the Taliban years as well. The workers make less than $4.00 a day.
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June 23, 2017

Coal company Murray Energy did not take kindly to HBO Sunday-night talk show host John Oliver’s segment on the energy industry, which asserted that coal jobs have decreased for decades, largely driven by alternative energy. Murray Energy has sued HBO and Oliver, saying the segment was a “false and malicious broadcast” with “defamatory statements.” Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray was personally mocked in the segment for suggesting that Obama-era regulations are to blame for the coal industry’s decline. Oliver said Murray looked like a “geriatric Dr. Evil.” The company’s suit says Oliver tried to embarrass Murray by making fun of his age and appearance, and making false statements about a 2007 collapse of a Utah mine, which killed nine miners.

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