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Combine AI and Human Expertise for Effective Trademarking

October 19, 2017

AI offers important advantages for trademark research. Properly implemented, it can be used to automate complex cognitive tasks and increase the effectiveness of search and watch results, while also improving speed and efficiency. Considering how advanced AI-enabled solutions are, it could be fairly simple, theoretically, for them to take the place of human analysts, but relying solely on technology will always lead to issues down the road. Instead, AI technological systems must complement trademark experts rather than replacing them.

Various trademark specialists have been using AI technology as part of their solutions for more than two decades, but only a few have been able to successfully combine it with valuable human knowledge to deliver the best possible results. No matter how sophisticated an AI-enabled technology might be, it is of no use without accurate and reliable data behind it. This is always best delivered by a dedicated team of quality analysts whose work involves reviewing hundreds of trademark records daily and finding the kind of critical error that could be missed by an online searching tool.

Technology has a huge role to play within trademarking, helping to cull down massive amounts of information and displaying it in new and intuitive ways that weren’t possible before. This allows human experts to quickly make important decisions with an unprecedented level of accuracy. By bringing both humans and technology together, trademarking will continue to evolve and become more efficient.

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