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Congressman Sued For Running a Toxic Office


May 20, 2021

A former staffer for Rep. Doug Lamborn (R–Colo) has filed suit in federal court over his ex-employer’s “reckless and dangerous approach” to the pandemic. Brandon Pope claims that he pushed back when Lamborn mocked aides who wanted to wear masks, forced staffers to show up for work in person, and dismissed social-distancing guidelines. He says he was fired for doing so. Pope is a Marine veteran was hired by Lamborn as a Wounded Warrior Fellow, before being promoted to defense policy adviser. Despite his manly street creds, the boss belittled Pope’s concerns, and called the pandemic a hoax manufactured to influence elections. “I don’t care about you guys getting it,” he allegedly told one person who complained. Several staffers including Pope eventually tested positive for the virus. Pope contends that “Representative Lamborn was the direct or indirect cause of his infection,” according to the lawsuit. In a statement,  Lamborn says he “looks forward to full vindication as all facts come to light.”

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