Conspiracy Theorist Tries To Enlist Law Professor In Libelous Scheme

By on November 8, 2018

November 8, 2018

One upon a time a PI was a private investigator who was forever getting involved in noirish mysteries. Now they’ve devolved into “Private Intelligence” operatives who create fake news and use dirty tricks to bring down political opponents. On October 22, a PI who called himself Simon Frick and said he was a “researcher” for a group called Surefire Intelligence, contacted Vermont Law School Professor Jennifer Taub. Frick said it was his understanding that Taub had had some “encounters” with former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is investigating the 2016 Trump campaign. He asked her what her “beginning rate” might be to discuss those encounters. Taub, a public critic of Trump and his policies who has appeared on CNN, and has never met Mueller, smelled a rat. She declined Frick’s offer, and forwarded information about it to Mueller. Taub is the second woman who reports being solicited to make false sexual harassment accusations against Mueller. “Simon Frick” appears to be a 20-year-old ultra-right conspiracy theorist named Jacob Wohl. Among his claims: the pipe bombs recently sent to Democrats were “false flags” intended to influence the midterm elections.
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