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Corporate Legal Department Health Check


December 22, 2022

Time for a reality check. Here are some questions to evaluate whether your law department is equipped for the future. How much time is it spending on lengthy, manual, or administrative tasks that could be automated or systemized? Look for processes that are step-driven, repetitive, and rules-based. Are costs under control? Review the supporting processes of core activities that routinely exceed budget. Are your risk bases covered? When it comes to handling data, risk spans everything from noncompliance to cyber breaches, and even how you work with outside counsel. Consider consolidating to one legal tech platform that can handle all aspects of e-discovery, from legal hold production to presenting ESI data, and can store your company’s data securely without risk to you. Is your team/talent enabled and satisfied? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you are at risk of losing key people. Can you expedite routine tasks? Audit the way the legal team works, and where complex processes are making matters more difficult than they need to be. Again, consider legal technology.


By Kristin Zmrhal, DISCO Vice President, Product Strategy

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