Crytocurrecy Promoter’s Virtual Cash Stolen

By on February 15, 2018
cybersecurity attack

February 15, 2018

Carlos Tapang, the founder of Pure Money Technology, a company that encourages merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, is suing T-Mobile. He claims the telecom company allowed hackers to steal thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency from him. His faith in virtual money remains unshaken, but according to a post on his LinkedIn account, he no longer believes that two-factor authentication is secure. In a case filed in U.S. District Court, Seattle, Tapang claims that he and his family awoke one morning to find that their phones had been restarted, wiped of information and his phone number had been changed to AT&T. He got his number back, but had lost access to his online accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts, which were drained to the tune of about $20, 400, according to that day’s valuation. Tapang claims he told T-Mobile to require a pin number from him as an extra form of security before making account changes, but the company failed to ask for the pin when a hacker impersonated him.
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