Cybersecurity » Cyber Expert’s Legal Fight Over A Stolen Pistol

Cyber Expert’s Legal Fight Over A Stolen Pistol

Legal Fight

October 5, 2020

A cybersecurity expert who, according to his online profile, has Top Secret clearance with the Defense Department and was an “integral architect in the development of the Air Force’s first cyber weapon system,” has sued Red McCombs Toyota in San Antonio, Texas. The dealership is part of a chain owned by B.J. “Red” McCombs, San Antonio billionaire and co-founder of Clear Channel Communications. The cyber-expert’s lawsuit followed a defamation lawsuit that the dealership filed against him, as part of a matter that began when the cyber-expert brought his Toyota pickup in for servicing. He claims that when he picked it up, the.45-caliber pistol that he had stashed in the center console, with one round in the chamber, was missing, and he thinks it was stolen by a mechanic working for the dealership. When the dealership responded by saying its investigation found otherwise, the customer registered a domain name “,” which included such messages as Red McCombsToyota “are thieves.” He is also alleged to have posted negative reviews of the dealership on Facebook, and to have produced a YouTube video supporting his theft allegations. The dealership promptly sued him in state court in San Antonio for defamation, and he countersued, alleging deceptive trade practices. Now after some additional twists the matter is before a Texas appeals court.

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