Cyber Threat Predictions For 2019

By on January 2, 2019

January 2, 2108

Machine learning and AI will generate useful new products and services, change the way we communicate and exchange information, and bring many other changes, most of them we are told arguably for the better. But this compendium of 2019 predictions from RiskIQ, a digital threat management company, warns of another way that machine learning and AI will affect our lives. It’s called “adversarial machine learning,” and it’s something that bad actors will use “to evade detection by infrequently trained machine learning models,” according to one of the authors in this post. As he result, he says, the “good guys’ machine learning models will need to evolve quickly to keep up with these threats.” Another contributor warns of a potential downside to the surge in online shopping, as hackers “capitalize on the weakening of the corporate perimeter caused by customer and partner interactions moving online.” Other predictions include an increase in the volume and reach of what’s been called “web-skimming,” including variations that will expand the target beyond credit card information to include sensitive information like login data.

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