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Cybercrime Gang Posts Futuristic Rant, Quits

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November 6, 2020

The Maze Gang, aka The Maze Team Project, which specialized in encrypting files on corporate networks so they couldn’t be accessed and exfiltrating data which they threatened to release unless a ransom was paid, posted a release on its website Nov. 2nd announcing that it has ceased operations. Victims of Maze ransomware included Xerox, Cognizant, and several law firms and medical research organizations. The gang’s announcement invited “everyone who wants for its private information to be deleted” to contact Maze support chat.” The press release goes on to speculate that Crypto currencies will increase in value “until the price will reach a million dollars for a single coin, then all the coins will be dumped to buy real money…. With all your recklessness, unawareness and stupidity you are slowly turning into a controllable flock….Once going to wheelchair a man will not be able to walk again. And once trusting your mind to a technology you won’t be able to recover your consciousness. By delegation the part of your conscious activity to machines you won’t be able to watch at the reality with the clear eye…..We will be back to you when the world will be transformed. We will return to show you again the errors and mistakes and to get you out of the Maze.”

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