Cybersecurity Primer From The Horse’s Mouth

By on November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018

A global risk management company interviews its own chief information security officer for an inside take on the essentials of enterprise cybersecurity. Among the topics discussed are the ins-and-outs of hiring black-hat hackers, how the CISO’s understanding as a professional affects what he does and doesn’t do online and on the phone, and the importance of checking the security practices of vendors. Do that, he says, before you hire them, and if they’ve already been hired, go back and do it now. This post includes a link to a recent survey of other company CISOs. One finding: When asked what they’d do if they met face-to-face with a major league hacker, 12 percent would say, “You’re hired,” and nine percent would attempt to make a citizen’s arrest.

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