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Dallas Cowboys Lawyer Misses Deadline, Declares Bankruptcy

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June 1, 2018

Almost a decade ago Levi G. McCathern II, a former Baptist minister and now primary trial counsel for the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones, was representing a family-owned trucking company that was being sued by an employee who had been badly injured. The plaintiff lawyer agreed to settle the case for $250K, an offer to which McCathern agreed in a phone call. An appeals court, however, ruled the acceptance would have had to come in writing – which it did, but not until almost an hour after the deadline expired. The case went to trial and the jury found the trucking company liable for $5.5 million, an amount that with interest has grown to about $7 million. The trucking company is now suing McCathern for nearly $20 million, but the trial was put on hold in early May after McCatherne filed for bankruptcy protection in Dallas federal court.

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