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Data Breach Trends For 2022


January 4, 2022

Experian forecasts five top data breach trends in 2022, two of which aim squarely at corporations. Remote workers will be targeted by data thieves who want to hack into businesses and institutions, because home wireless networks are more vulnerable than business VPNs. Companies will have to focus on security compliance from their employees. “Employees will need training on matters like how to spot a phishing attempt, or how to respond to a ransomware attack,” according to the report. Data thieves will also be busy trying to steal some of the trillions of dollars Congress approved under the Biden infrastructure bill to shore up electrical grids, dams, and transportation networks. Experian said that bad actors will attempt to intercept money during the process of fund disbursement using scams including phishing and CEO fraud. “The sums are so large, and their distribution involves so many institutions and processes – from Treasury vendors to banks, to individual contractors – that hackers will be probing for weaknesses in the money supply chain,” the report said.

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