Delivering Client Value With Technology

By on June 27, 2019

Executive Summary of an article written by
Luke Kopmeyer, HighQ

Beyond managing legal matters, in-house counsel must understand their larger role in driving revenue to the business. This requires an investment of time to understand each department’s function, goals and challenges. The business partners and leaders trust that the legal team is protecting the business. This allows them to focus on their main goal of creating revenue. In order to build trust, in-house counsel must be proactive in protecting the business. Valuable legal teams reduce risk before a problem arises. Legal teams must redefine themselves as teammates and partners and avoid becoming perceived as the “no” department. Be open to trying new processes and brainstorming creative solutions.

Leverage technology to enhance partnerships and communication between the legal team and other departments. There are many legal tech solutions available that act as a catalyst to improve processes, efficiency and communication for in-house teams.

The demand from corporate legal teams for better visibility into the status of their legal matters is driving legal tech adoption in the law firms they work with. Don’t be afraid to take a hands-on, involved approach with your outside counsel. Give them access to and request that they work within your preferred collaboration platform to deliver updates, documents, financial information and more. It’s okay to demand and expect more from the law firms you work with. Technology can enhance your partnership with the business, provide additional value to all departments and strengthen your relationships with outside counsel.

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