Attorney/Client » Dershowitz Assails ACLU For Defending Raid On Trump’s Lawyer

Dershowitz Assails ACLU For Defending Raid On Trump’s Lawyer

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April 16, 2018

Harvard law professor and civil liberties advocate Alan Dershowitz calls the ACLU to task for defending the FBI’s raid on the law office and hotel room of President Trump’s trusted attorney, Michael Cohen. Noting that he used to serve on the organization’s board, Dershowitz, accuses the ACLU of having “turned from being a neutral civil liberties organization to a left wing, agenda-driven group that protects its contributors and constituents while ignoring the civil liberties of Americans with whom it disagrees.” Dershowitz doesn’t believe the imposition of a government “privilege team” between material gathered and the prosecution team amounts to any meaningful protection, and he maintains the ACLU wouldn’t believe it either if the FBI, in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, had raided her office. This episode, Dershowitz concludes, shows that for the ACLU “getting Trump, trumps civil liberties.”

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