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Due Diligence For Global Deals

Due Diligence For Global Deals

August 4, 2023

Site visits are essential, but they might involve finding and coordinating multiple subcontractors, plus considerable expense. Some scenarios where they are invaluable include: Supporting open-source research like Google Maps, which is often out of date. Information gathered by an on-the-ground investigator can provide new intelligence that enhances due diligence research; Independently verifying a business presence. Checking corporate registries is step one, but a site visit can expose facts that contradict registries. Often the only way of checking a business’s operations is by having a look at them in person and verifying residential addresses by checking records only tells you what a company has independently filed. When online address information is unclear, contradictory, or simply doesn’t exist, a site visit is the best alternative. Effective communication and detailed direction is important to maximize the value of site visits.

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