Managing Partner » Duped Law Firm Sends €97,000 To Wrong Bank

Duped Law Firm Sends €97,000 To Wrong Bank

January 25, 2019

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Here’s one more way a law firm can get ripped off by a determined hacker, this one from the Republic of Ireland. One of the firm’s attorneys writes an email to the firm’s bookkeeper, with instructions for making a payment as part of the business operations for a client finance company. The finance company had previously provided the law firm with details regarding the bank account. But unbeknownst to both the finance company and the law firm, the email from the finance company with those bank account details had been intercepted by hackers, who when the moment was ripe were able to edit the instructions so that money would be sent to their own fraudulent account. According to the Law Society of Ireland, some other similar attacks have been reported, and it has some suggestions on how to avoid becoming a victim. Among them: Communicate bank account details by letter or fax – but if you do use email, verify the account details.

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