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Evaluating the Best Tools for Your Legal Team

July 14, 2022


To streamline traditionally manual tasks and save costs, adopting technological solutions has become the norm in legal practice. However, figuring out what tools can have the biggest impact on productivity and legal spend for your department can be tricky. You will need to create a legal tech roadmap to identify which areas of inefficiency your team should address. When it comes to evaluating specific legal technology solutions, the most common concerns for your legal team will be finding reputable vendors and ensuring confidentiality and security, according to the ABA Tech Report of 2021

These are five specific technology solutions you should evaluate for your department: (1) document collaboration software, allowing teams to collaborate on document creation; (2) eDiscovery solutions, which let you handle the discovery process in-house and speed it up overall; (3) legal spend management software, combining eBilling, matter management, vendor management and reporting; (4) contract lifecycle management software, automating contract drafting and client relationship management; and (5) project management tools to keep track of workload, deadlines, incoming requests and project status. Depending on your specific needs, the best tools for your department will vary. If you can, stick to cloud-based solutions that you can access from anywhere and integrate with your tech stack, and that will guarantee data security.

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