Ever Wonder Why Supreme Courts Are Seen As Political?

By on March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019

Candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Brian Hagedorn and Lisa Neubauer ripped into each other over their personal and political views in their first debate before the election April 12. Hagedorn, chief judge of the state appeals court and former lawyer for ex-governor Scott Walker, attacked Neubauer for choosing to put his personal views at the forefront of the race, which he called a “toxic” move. The views Neubauere referenced were expressed in a ”personal blog” Hagedorn kept when he was a law student. He called the U.S. Supreme Court decision protecting abortion rights “ridiculous,” opined that he “hated” Planned Parenthood and called it a“wicked organization.” He also expressed various anti-gay views, including musings on the possibility that a U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down a Texas anti-sodomy law could lead to the legalization of bestiality. In the debate he said Neubauer’s highlighting of his views was an attack on all people of faith. Neubauer’s husband is the former chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Her daughter is a state representative, and they have appeared together at a People’s Climate March, a protest against President Donald Trump’s environmental policies. Both candidates said they would be faithful and independent arbiters of the law.
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