Lawsuits » Facebook Sues Covid19 Scammers

Facebook Sues Covid19 Scammers


April 16, 2020

Facebook has sued a software engineer and his firm, LeadCloak for allegedly providing software to promote scams related to COVID-19. The company also disabled accounts using LeadCloak’s software, which fools ad review systems by cloaking the nature of the website that an ad links to. According to the filing, LeadCloak’s malicious software was also used against other tech companies, including  Google, Oath, WordPress and Shopify. In December, Facebook sued a Chinese company and two Chinese nationals for running a malware scheme that involved cloaking. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many websites spreading misinformation have appeared on the Internet. According to Newsguard, a service that rates the credibility of web news content, such sites receive much higher social media engagement than authoritative sources of pandemic information.

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