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Feds Indict Chinese Cybercrime Gang


September 21, 2020

APT41 (a.k.a. Barium, Winnti, Wicked Panda or Wicked Spider), an advanced threat group that has allegedly hacked more than 100 enterprises in the U.S. and abroad — software-development companies, computer-hardware manufacturers, telecom providers, social-media companies, video-game companies, nonprofit organizations, universities, think tanks and foreign governments, and pro-democracy politicians and activists in Hong Kong — has been indicted by a federal grand jury on dozens of charges. The DOJ alleges that the group “facilitated the theft of source code, software code-signing certificates, customer-account data and valuable business information,” which in turn “facilitated other criminal schemes, including ransomware and cryptojacking.” APT41 focuses on telecom, travel and hospitality, most likely because it wants to identify, monitor and track individuals of interest, operations which could have physical consequences for some victims, according to a security analyst quoted in the article.

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