Cybersecurity » Five Billion Personal Records Hacked In Q1 2021

Five Billion Personal Records Hacked In Q1 2021


April 28, 2021

Numbers based on Hackmageddon data, where the most significant cybersecurity breaches are recorded continuously, show more than 5 billion data records have already been leaked in 2021. Cyberattacks hit Facebook, Raychat, Serasa, and others. The worst month was February, when the COMB breach occurred. COMB is one of the biggest data breaches of all time. It exposed 3.27 billion email and password combinations, and includes major sites such as Netflix and LinkedIn. The hacked data was shared on a hacking forum as an interactive database. Another significant breach this year came from Facebook. 533 million users were affected, about 20 percent of the entire social network’s user pool. Hackers published phone numbers and account details on a publicly accessible cybercrime forum. The FTC fined Facebook five billion dollars in 2019 for previous breaches.

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